Last PoW Claim Pass NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 23, 2022, 9 p.m. UTC

Mint Date Sept. 27, 2022 noon UTC

Total Supply 10,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 4,500 Spots

Official Link

Verified Twitter Blokpax 19,168

Visit Premint

This is your chance to claim a piece of blockchain history from the Ethereum merge.

This allow list is to request a


of a “Claim Pass” NFT.


In the penultimate PoW settlement block our amazing engineering team deployed


contract to


be settled on Ethereum using the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism.

This involved countless hours of work to predict block timing, the likely gas environment and so much more. No details (no matter how small) could be overlooked.



we pre-minted 10,000 ERC-721 NFTs which are currently held in their virgin state inside the contract. (Meaning they have never been owned by a wallet and you can be the original claimant.)

Those who mint will be able to vote on which amazing moments from Ethereum’s first 7 years under the PoW consensus model get memorialized.

So many ground breaking innovations happened from defi to digital assets.  Some moments are shining stars if today while others we may rather choose to forget. But make no mistake, those first 7 years are quite action packed.


Step 1: Premint sign up period. Roughly a week.

Step 2: Allowlist Reveal.

Step 3: The Claim Pass mint (fully tradable  ERC-721. No rarity. (These eventually burn).)

Step 4: Claim Pass holders vote on measures submitted by Blokpax to finalize the art and rarity dynamics for the PoW collectible set (4-6 weeks.)

Step 5: A fully on chain verifiable random will determine which Claim Pass will receive which PoW token during the claim process.

Step 6: Last PoW Token Claim period (claim passes burn – Last PoW tokens issued.)

Step 7: Another verifiable on-chain random will assign the art/rarity to all 10,000 PoW tokens.


Note: There are 2 thrilling randoms that will happen.

The first

will reveal a matching PoW token ID# to your Claim Pass (which PoW token number your Claim Pass gets – #0 and #9999 are obvious grails but many others have special meaning too.)

The second

reveal (post claim) will assign your PoW token’s artistic/historical rarity.


While Blokpax has tons of ongoing project utility and action, this specific set is a no-roadmap collectibles.

These tokens are special and no future expectations or “utility” should detract from their amazing story.

These tokens are providentially perfect as they are.

Join us.

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