Kuma Toys x Elders NFT

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Official Link kumaverse.xyz

Verified Twitter KumaverseNFT 74,588

Visit Premint

The Elders

Merkaba: Project & Collab Manager

Dend: Artist

Gavynka: Discord tech | Community Manager

Agonist: Frontend & Backend Dev

We are The ( @Elder ) a group of visionaries, techies, and proud nerds who are passionate about what we do. All of us aim towards the same goal and that has made working together feel easy and fun! We are fully aware of the rapid change happening in our world, and for that we believe in embracing it rather than avoiding it, pushing past the limit of imagination to create a result that can be beneficial for people who share the same interests. Honesty is one of our top priorities, so we are determined to —always do the right thing and be as transparent as possible. We will never take your trust for granted.

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