KIYO x ChibiValkyrie Combine WL Giveaway NFT

Total Supply 5,999 NFTs

Number of Winners 10 Spots

Official Link

Visit Premint

KIYO NFT x Chibi Valkyrie Combined WL Spots Giveaway


In the realm of KIYO 聖, 5999 warriors has been born to protect the realm for years. A collection was built for the remembrances of all brave warriors who stood strong drawn in Chibi Art.

To enter :

1. Register yourself at the Premint Link.

2. Follow our Twitter and Turn your Notification On, we will be updating our journey on Twitter.


Chibi Valkyrie

An innovative P2E Project brought to you by a Hi-Rez Studios Artist & X2Y2. Tokengated Gameplay & Rewards, Powered by Unity.

Chibi Valkyrie Partnerships: 

– X2Y2 (Official Partner Collection & Launchpad Partnership)
– Tiny Astro (Rarity Ranking Tool & Premium Subscriptions) 

Valkyrie Sensō 戦争 is an interactive online multiplayer 2D platformer game built in Unity. Other project’s NFTs are featured as NPC Boss Characters with its own unique set of mechanics, abilities, and game map. Essentially, three players select a Chibi Valkyrie character and fight together to defeat the whitelist boss of their choice. Victory results in WL or similar prize (merch, tokens, airdrops, etc) for that specific project. 

– Bridging the Norse Mythology and Japanese Anime worlds together, The Fjords are Calling! 

Please See Website:


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