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Opensea collection url: opensea.io/collection/neurokatana-nft
Our Twitter: twitter.com/NeuroKatanaNft
Price: 0.15 ETH

Detail description:
Once upon a time were used by a Samurai on the pillars of dust while samurai was traveling on the deserts. Yetm no one knows how he got there from Japan. The wrap of a katana’s sun-burned handle is filled with a soul of a sand and the blade cuts sharp any cactus that was hidden. But by the enemy, who found the sword, the katana sword was hidden.
An nft collectibles collection full of 3d well-designed katanas. The Katana is a single edged curved steel weapon, used by warriors of fuedal japan. It is made by forging and folding steel to rid it of impurities, then coating the cutting edge in clay, heating it up and quenching it to harden the cutting edge, revealing is called a temperline (Hamon). The Katana was a decorative peice of art as well as a weapon, consisting of a Tsuba (hanguard) Tuki Ito (handle wrap, usually coloured) and other intricate artistic fittings.


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