Registration Closes 🚨1 week

Mint Date Sept. 7, 2022

Mint Price 0.111Ξ

Total Supply 11,111 NFTs

Number of Winners 6,666 Spots

Raffle Time Sept. 1, 2022, 4:05 p.m. UTC

Official Link jadu.ar

Verified Twitter JaduAVAs 34,580

Visit Premint

What are Jadu AVAs?

Jadu is building Web3’s definitive AR game platform. We breathe life into Web3 characters, making them playable avatars in the real world. AVAs are the result of our ambition to create the first avatars built natively for AR.

We have done $30M+ in volume for our current collections and have raised $40M+ in funding to build Jadu.

How is Michael Bay involved?

Jadu has formed a deep partnership with Transformers director Michael Bay. Bay has worked with the Jadu team on producing rare BAY designed AVAs that are a part of this collection.

What does this raffle get me?

This raffle affords you a first come first serve shot at minting an AVA in a

Presale for 0.111 ETH

. Please note that this raffle does NOT guarantee AVAs for raffle winners.

Will there be a public sale?

No, there will be no public sale. The only guaranteed way to mint AVAs is to own a Jadu Hoverboard or Jetpack. Jadu holders get a

Guaranteed Discounted Mint for 0.0666 ETH.

Where can I learn more details on how to mint?

There are 4 phases to the AVA mint and you can learn about them on our website.


Jadu AVAs



Mint Price

0.0666 ETH for Jadu Jetpack & Hoverboard Holders

0.111 ETH for Partner Collections

AVA Community Treasury

100% of the proceeds from this mint will be used to set up the AVA Community Treasury. We have ample resources to build our platform thanks to our recent $36M Series A Round. This treasury will be jointly governed by the Jadu team & AVA community to issue grants to members.

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