Is Azuki Worth 9 ETH? Azuki NFT Project Review | Best NFTs to Invest In? Hidden Gems

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Is Azuki Worth 9 ETH?

Azuki NFT Project Review

Best NFTs to Invest In?

Since minting in January this year, Azuki has cemented itself as a blue chip NFT project. Thanks to the project’s anime-style art, a stellar team and enchanting art attracted collectors from all over the globe, particularly in Asian regions. Despite only trading for about four months, Azuki ranks eighth in NFT trading volume. Watch this video from Token Metrics Research Team for everything you need to know about Azuki.

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0:00 – Token Metrics Intro
0:07 – Hidden Gems Intro
0:26 – Is Azuki Worth 9 ETH?
1:01 – Azuki Garden Party NFT LA
1:29 – Can you buy the dip in big cap NFT project?
1:43 – Azuki Use Case
2:16 – Phygital
2:48 – Luxury Fashion
3:25 – Streetwear
3:42 – Azuki Design Demand
4:25 – Decentralized streetwear
5:16 – Azuki phygitals?
6:03 – Bored Ape Yacht Club
6:24 – Digital comes first before physical
6:54 – Future of NFTs
7:21 – Would Azuki be worth 9 ETH if it did this?
7:39 – Azuki future outlook
8:10 – Conclusion
8:25 – Token Metrics Outro


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