INSANE NFT News & Upcoming NFT Projects | FTX Hack, Valhalla NFT Drop, Pudgy Penguins, y00ts degods

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Discover BREAKING crypto news and NFT news about the best NFT projects to buy right now with: FTX crypto, Pudgy Penguins NFTs, Pixelmon NFTs, Val NFTs, y00ts degods Solana NFT, SymbioGenesis NFT by Square Enix, Nikke NFT.

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0:00 INSANE NFT News & Upcoming NFT Projects | FTX Hack, Valhalla NFT Drop, Pudgy Penguins, y00ts degods
0:11 NFT Market Update
0:25 FTX Hacked – Crypto News
1:16 Solana Price: y00ts degods NFT
2:49 SymbioGenesis by Square Enix
4:05 VAL Mint – Valhalla NFT
4:47 Pudgy Penguin NFT Auction at Sotheby’s
6:20 Pixelmon NFT Gaming Interview
8:05 Nikke: Goddess of Victory

We’ll cover the top NFT market updates on NFT news, NFT projects, and upcoming NFTs. First, we’ll talk about the MASSIVE crypto news about FTX crypto exchange hack. Then, we’ll look at Solana price prediction and Solana NFT projects y00ts NFT and degods NFT. Then, we’ll cover upcoming NFT from Square Enix called Symbio Genesis NFT. After that, we’ll look at upcoming NFT project mint from Valhalla NFT or VAL NFT. Finally, we’ll cover NFT news from Pudgy Penguins, Pixelmon NFTs, and Nikke: Goddess of Victory in Gaming.

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  1. Hello, Pat! I hope you'll take a look at Jacky Tsai's iconic skull collection, TheMetaSkull. They will make their debut with the Upland, and Jacky will introduce the Metaskull NFT collection to the Moonlanders metaverse, which will feature the artist's iconic skull motif designs and will provide in-game utility such as in-game staking capabilities to earn $CREE of Moonlanders game.

  2. Nice to hear NFT buzz may be building in Japan. I have been a fan of the small supply Yurei project, which is from Japan.

  3. It blows my mind that NFT (digital collectible) projects turn to Mainstream Auction Houses to earn credibility while the latter are known for their opaqueness. Mainstream recognition is required but not to the expense of what decentralization and nfts represent.

  4. I'm most excited about Square Enix's game as I was addicted to FFV on GBA and PS1 when I was a kid, and I know that they won't disappoint the RPG gamers like me. I'm still waiting for a huge sneak peek and hopefully, a free access to their game similar to what Nitro League is offering through their beta game that's already out for Android and PC.

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