InPeak Gen II Pass NFT

Registration Closes 🚨2 weeks

Mint Date Oct. 22, 2022

Mint Price 0.07Ξ

Total Supply 500 NFTs

Number of Winners 100 Spots

Raffle Time Oct. 18, 2022, 6:11 p.m. UTC

Official Link

Verified Twitter inpeakxyz 18,790

Visit Premint

About InPeak

InPeak is building the “LinkedIn/Masterclass” of Web3. With live sessions and on-demand content ranging from:

  • All aspects of Web3 education featuring industry leaders such as Zeneca, Camila Russo, Laura Shin, and Brenden Mulligan of Premint, to name a few.
  • NFT Insider (’TED talks’ of NFTs), featuring speakers such as Gmoney, Hume, and Cyber Broker’s Josie Bellini
  • Up and Coming, featuring hot NFT projects with solid teams about to drop a collection.

What is InPeak’s GenII Pass?

InPeak’s Gen II pass is designed to be a more affordable opportunity for those who missed our Genesis pass and would like to have access to our live sessions, on demand content and dedicated discord channel for Gen II holders.

Who should mint an InPeak GenII Pass?

The Gen II pass is suitable for those who are interested in:

  • Learning all aspects of Web3
  • Attending live mentorship by top industry leaders
  • Tuning into ‘NFT Insider” sessions by established Web3 leaders
  • Discovering vetted, exciting up and coming projects
  • Accessing to hundreds of hours of curated on-demand sessions
  • Professional networking through dedicated GenII discord channel
  • Career opportunities and professional development

Dynamic Upgradable NFTs

Similar to our Genesis pass, Gen II tokens will be upgradable on a quarterly basis based on the holders’ engagement and contribution.

We are also likely to have an ERC20 tokens over the next 18 months and Gen II holders will receive some allocation, albeit a much smaller amount than Genesis holders, and based on the engagement levels that they unlock as follows:

  • Level 0 Basecamp
  • Level 1 Heights
  • Level 2 Pinnacle
  • Level 3 Summit,
  • Level 4 Apex
  • Level 5 Peak

What’s the difference between InPeak GenII token and Genesis Token?

In short The Genesis token will give you greater access and greater rewards. The Genesis token is suitable for:

  • power users who wish to enhance their Web3 profile
  • thought leaders who want to rub shoulders with top industry leaders
  • content creators
  • educators
  • builders and community leaders
  • Web3 and NFT consultants

If you feel that the Genesis pass is more suitable for you, you can pick one up on



We also have a limited opportunity to purchase a Genesis pass directly from our treasury through

this application form


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