Ian Meets… Kevin Rose from Proof & Moonbirds

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In the last episode before we hit Ledger Op3n, we are very pleased to meet with a serial Web entrepreneur and early stage investor in companies such as Twitter, Facebook and Square.

Today he’s considered to be one of the leading voices in Web3, Co-founder and CEO of Proof and a partner at True Ventures, you might have guessed it, this time we have Kevin Rose on the show, in discussion with a man you surely know by now, Ian Rogers, Ledger’s Chief Experience officer.

In less than an hour, they cover how to go from NFT-curious to starting a podcast, from a podcast to a collective built with communities rather than VC funds, what drives the new wave of adoption and how big Internet companies will soon try to become your next NFT wallet provider, why Bored Apes and Richard Mille are the same thing, and also why Proof is such a cool and relevant name.


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