HUSL x Privé NFT

Mint Date Sept. 29, 2022

Total Supply 850 NFTs

Number of Winners 20 Spots

Official Link

Verified Twitter huslnfts 40,940 1%

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Husl is the first NFT project to bridge the gap between web2 business and Web3 NFT technology. They’re building 5,000 businesses in a box sold as NFTs, with pre-made ready to go marketing and everything you need to grow the businesses without period business experience.

The businesses are being built by Apollo Eleven Inc. which is a team of doxxed 50+ developers, marketing experts and business consultants ready to pave the way, helping the NFT community build recurring revenue streams in the face of a bear market and multiple countries facing massive inflation. 📈

The project has already been generating massive interest and has been featured in 🔥


Authority Magazine

Husl is releasing their genesis NFT, Founder Cards, on Sep 29th!

The Founder Cards unlock massive perks:

✅ Get ongoing recurring staking rewards generated from multiple transactions within the Husl ecosystem. ***Including a small royalty off all 5,000 businesses revenue!***

✅ $500 discount off minting one of the 5,000 businesses.

✅ $15,000 of exclusive Founder only giveaways.

✅ Help guide the entire project as a Founder with exclusive Channels.

✅ Training and business development academy.

✅ Whitelisted for all future mints.

✅ Early access to begin growing your business.

✅ Exclusive merch and in person events!

Mint Details:

1,000 NFT Supply

Mint Price: $500 USDC

WL mint: Sep 29

Discord is private. Password: nomore9to5

👾 Discord:

🐦 Twitter:

🌐 Website:

💡 Deck:

⬜ Whitepaper:

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