How We Use ChatGPT & AI In Our Business, Nouns DAO, Our Mental Frameworks For Success

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ChatGPT & AI is taking over the internet, the fastest growing software in the history of new technology. We go deep into what it is and how we use it in our business. Nouns DAO is an up-and-coming NFT & DAO project with over $30M in ETH, what are they doing with it? We discuss the pod + Mental frameworks for success, and Aaron gives us some actionable frameworks to reframe scenarios to help you.

ChatGPT –
Creator Labs Podcast on AI and slowmadding – Bilal Zaidi and Danny Postma

0:00 Introductions
0:29 AI & ChatGPT
33:38 Nouns DAO
46:37 Economic Outlook: Layoffs & Inflation
52:02 Mental Frameworks For Success
1:05:26 Meme of the week
1:07:21 Meal of the week

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  1. What's the bet that tinder 'expert' was an AI or AI assisted? :). Imagine fiver integrated with GPT. Money making machine.

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