How Art Blocks Is Paving the Way for Generative Art On-Chain

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In this episode of Behind The Drop, we travel to Marfa, Texas to hang out with Art Blocks creator Erick “Snowfro” Calderon and learn more about his generative art projects. We also sat down with artists Tyler Hobbs and Alida Sun to learn about their approach to generative art.

Art Blocks is a platform that provides generative artists with the tools they need to code, mint, and sell their artwork on the blockchain.

Some popular Art Blocks collections include Chromie Squiggles, The Friendship Bracelet Project, Fidenza, Eternal Pump, and many more.

Calderon’s latest Art Blocks initiative, The Friendship Bracelet Project, is a collection of over 24,000 unique friendship bracelets made by Alexis André. This project brings NFTs from digital to physical and provides holders instructions for how to make a simple bracelet using a few dollars’ worth of embroidery floss. Watch now to learn more about Calderon’s creative process.

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