Hey! Reap3r NFT

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 7,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 1,111 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/Hey_Reap3r

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//About Team//

Hey! Reap3r is an NFT collection created by NVIDIA’s team with strong tech support and resources. Artist Rebecca used to work at Studio Trigger after she graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2020. The operations department is a squad of crypto-native sophisticates who successfully launched 3 projects (of 3500 ETH volume in total) before building Hey! Reap3r.



After launching the first collection, Hey! Reap3r team will write it into the latest contract protocol ERC3525 to record the holder’s on-chain behaviors and community activities which means it’s the first NFT project to do Airdrops and branding with the soul-bound token mechanism.

NFT holders have access to interact with Reapers to make other Bluechips ‘soulization’ and create the immortal NFT Underworld story empowered by Deep Learning & AI Technology. According to the context, the new characters will be airdropped to users in the second collection.

The Merch of Reap3r brand collab with SAE’s logistics, produced by factories in south-eastern Asia and China, designed by independent creators in New York.

Also the team has good connections with Christie’s and various galleries in Tokyo, NYC, etc. Offline exhibitions will be held by those art institutions world-widely.


//Mint Info//

Supply|6666 + 334 team locked

Mint Date|28th Nov, 15:00PM EST

Mint Price|0.03 ETH



Discord & Website -Notis On 🔔

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