Haunted Space NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 19, 2022, 1:14 p.m. UTC

Mint Date Sept. 23, 2022

Mint Price 0.07Ξ

Total Supply 3,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 150 Spots

Official Link hauntedspace.io

Visit Premint


Haunted Space will be the first Play AND Earn game that connects the blockchain world to the leading marketplaces: Steam (PC), Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and S. 🚀

The project is a AAA game produced by a gaming design company which includes a team of more than fully doxxed 30 experts! 🔥

The video game has already organically generated extreme interest, so much so that it has been shared by important news outlets (ex: PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, IGN). 👀 💥

Haunted Space video published by PlayStation:

YouTube video

YouTube video

Haunted Space video published by XBOX:

YouTube video

Steam page:


This single-player, which has already successfully collected over 30.000 Wishlists on Steam, aims to lay a solid foundation and a large community for the version of Haunted Space Multiplayer (Play AND Earn) that will be released soon after.  💯

The Single player game is expected to be released on Q4 2022 .🥂


By owning one of our NFTs you can:

1. Locked NFT Staking and snapshots for our in game reward tokens

2. Participation slots in Private sale of our Governance token

3. Have access to the single player video game for free

4. Be part of the DAO which manages the “haunted space bank”

5. Access the closed Multiplayer beta (Play & Earn)

6. In-game earnings multipliers

7. Access to Leaderboard NFTs drops

8. Private chat with founders, fresh about the game in advance

9. WL spots and discount for our first Battleship NFT sale

10. WL spots for future NFT sales

11. Airdrop of in game reward tokens for Diamond hands

In the following months we will also list our governance and utility tokens.

👾 Discord:


🐦 Twitter:

🌐 Website:


⬛ Medium:


Note: The Project is slightly overallocated

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