Habbo NFT Gift Boxes NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 27, 2022, 5 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 20,000 NFTs

Official Link nft.habbo.com

Verified Twitter HabboNFT 24,683

Visit Premint

Free Habbo NFT airdrop on Immutable X – NFT Gift Boxes!


❗️BEFORE reading on

, note that to get this FREE Habbo airdrop your wallet MUST be linked to Immutable X. Link your wallet to IMX



The team behind the iconic game

Habbo Hotel

have an

NFT project

and they’re distributing FREE NFT gift boxes to anyone with an

Immutable X

account! The gift boxes contain one of a number of different NFTs, FULLY usable inside Habbo and the upcoming

Habbo X

(see all the items you can get



Free airdrop requirements:

  1. To get the airdrop, you need to follow




    on Twitter.
  2. You need to be a member of the

    Habbo NFT Discord server

    and you need to verify to get the Habbo role.

Further information


  • We’ll be giving out a maximum of 20,000 NFT Gift Boxes via this premint.xyz page, but many more are being given out to our community via other means.

  • Anyone can register for this airdrop

    , even if you’ve already been given an NFT Gift Box from Habbo or from one of their official collab partners:





  • The airdrop itself will take place around the 28th September. If you don’t get one of the gift boxes and you registered, this is most likely because you didn’t link your wallet to Immutable X.
  • Once you have an NFT Gift Box, you can view and open it on the Habbo NFT website


    . You can only connect to this part of the website if your wallet is linked to Immutable X.

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