Gosleep NFT

Registration Closes 🚨1 week

Total Supply 500 NFTs

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Official Link gogogosleep.com/index

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Gosleep is a Web3 lifestyle app with a Sleep-to-earn mechanism at its core that combines elements of HealthFi, GameFi, and SocialFi. Gosleep is a Web3 lifestyle app that combines GameFi, SocialFi, and HealthFi where players can earn rewards for leading a healthy lifestyle. Based on sleeping data, Gosleep will provide personalized sleep advices to help users gradually develop good sleeping habits. Our Beta version will online in early January. For Gameplay, players will get a free room NFT the first time join Gosleep. This NFT represents a virtual room in Gosleep game and players can use it to earn tokens. Players can set-up sleep goals like the waking and sleeping plans. GoSleep will calculate the score based on their sleep quality and how close to pre-settled goals.The reward of game tokens is based on the rarity and attributes of NFTs owned by players and their sleep score. For NFTs, we will have Nightscaper Edition: Total: 500, Mint Price: Free Mint, Mint Time: Mid-December.


Website: https://gogogosleep.com/index

Twitter: https://twitter.com/gosleep01

Discord: https://discord.gg/gosleep

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