Genuine Undead NFTs Review!! | Best NFT Collection You should see🔥

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Welcome to a new era in NFTs. Genuine Undead is controlled and operated by the decentralized community. There are 11 creative councils dedicated to generating ideas, creating content and developing applications working together towards the common goal of making Genuine Undead the best NFT project on planet earth.

When the founder handed over the project to the community and reduced royalties from 7.5% to 2.5%, they ignited a Genuine movement. The founder’s only request attached to this gift, was to keep the community safe. Safe from the grifters, scammers and bad actors running amok in this space. Crypto and Web 3 are emerging, unregulated industries where disingenuous activity is far too common. GU is committed to protecting ethics and trust in all corners of our decentralized community. Create, learn, discuss and transact, all while being Genuine in Web 3.

For Collabs: [email protected]

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