Genesis of Realm x Babylons NFT

Registration Closes Oct. 28, 2022, 1:40 p.m.

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Number of Winners 10 Spots

Raffle Time Oct. 16, 2022, 7:05 a.m.

Official Link

Verified Twitter Gor_W2E 21,927 1%

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What is Genesis Of Realm?
Genesis of Realm is a storytelling NFT project. The collection consists of 5555 pieces, it aims to gain its story to the holders while keeping it alive with the Play-to-Earn and Watch-to-Earn concepts.

Determine the destiny of which kingdom you belong to by filling this form and join DC to find out more

Digital Film Platform Collaboration
We are in contact with some platforms for the GOR series, which consists of 10 episodes in 1 season and each episode is 10 minutes. We are looking for the most appropriate platform for WEB3 through licensed copyright agents and production companies. Holders will be able to interactively decide the course of the story while watching the GOR series and gain access to many Box and IRL benefits. This development will be a first in the field of NFT as well as on film platforms, as the way viewers earn while watching. They will also earn ETH from it as the NFTs of the selected holders will be actors in the series. A part of the series’ revenue will be distributed to holders. With this distribution, holders will become the producers of the GOR series.

Domestic Movie Platform Collaboration.
We are also in talks with Turkish digital film platforms, we want to choose the right platform by consulting our community.

Land Airdrop
A 2×2 land airdrop will be made from whichever kingdom the NFT character owned by the Holders belongs to. Holders will be able to develop their own lands and fight other kingdoms by forming alliances.

In Istanbul Hub + Cafe
We opened an Istanbul-based HUB and Cafe owned by the Genesis Of Realm brand. While holders can take advantage of free hours and discounts, they can also organize events and meetings. In our roadmap, we have the idea of multiplying GoR HUBs according to the locations where our holders are the most, and distributing them with the franchise method. If you are in Istanbul, we are waiting for you at GOR Cafe, everything you wish for your first visit and meeting is free of charge.

Co-Founder and Chief Execute Officer : Tekin Örüklü / /

Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer : Kerem Pehlivan /

3D Artsit : Murat Yıldırım /

Collaboration Manager / Marketing Manager : Avalanche /

Collaboration Manager / Marketing Manager : 20May.eth

Web/Smart Contract Developer : Aytaç Biçer

Head of Strategy : Ahmet Taha Arslan

Q: How many supply do GoR have?
A: The collection consists of 1,111  |siblings of each of the 5  |kingdoms , and a total of 5,555 NFTs. Also, the collection has 10 legendary and 545 commanders’ NFTs inside of it that have extra utilities.

Q: What’s the mint price? TBA
A: The price will be announced later.

Q: When is the mint date of GoR?
A: We will announce soon.

Q: How will be the distribution of Realmlist?
A: Realmlists will be given to selected people who participate on premint, and don’t forget that you will have a chance to get various RL on our Discord server in the future. Also, every tweet we post can be a potential RL Draw, at any time one of you can win RL, turn on the notification of our Tweets and interact.

Finally, we also have clues set in our stories that you can discover to increase your chances of winning RL.

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