Gangster Mice City x Dark Den NFT

Number of Winners 5 Spots

Official Link gangstamicecity.io

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GODJIRA Launchpad Project

Name : Gangsta Mice City

Supply : 6,666

Mint Date : End of August

Mint Price : (TBA)

Gangsta Mice City is a Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) on Ethereum and Polygon.


The game is split in to the 3 Gangs that will be battle in all out turf wars, the respective gangs are:


: The Yakuza are feared, but also well respected.Dominating the west side of Mice City, this organized crime syndicate provides the city with order. They’re driven by the principles of Bushido. Honour is paramount, and justice is quick.


: The Cyberpunk gang occupies the north of Mice City, and their way of life is distinctly different from the other gangs. Whilst they don’t care for formalities, their members are still expected to remain loyal to the gang. Their way of life is driven by their experimentation with technological body modifications, and the use of mind-enhancing substances.


: The Cartel is the largest importer of drugs to Mice City, and for that reason, they are one of the most feared. They occupy the east of mice city and have bribed enough of the authorities to be granted a bit of immunity.


The more districts your gang owns the more reward you earn to be used in the ecosystem for various prizes.

To give the game a high level of playability and mitigate repetitiveness it has several elements to be used strategically such as time based actions, power ups and complementary NFTs.

Key value: Easy to play, hard to master!

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