Gakko & Dre's Empire [VIP] NFT

Number of Winners 15 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/GakkoVerse

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Сommunity-oriented meta franchise.

Escaping old-fashioned world and driving culture with no limits.

Paving the way towards collective world-building and IP creation in web3.

Chapter one. A new beginning. Twenty-third year of the academic calendar.

(Chronicler, one of the rarest, second in the Academy)

Those who heard are the ones to know. Those who saw are the ones to believe. Those who forgot are scattered to dust in the cosmic darkness.

The rays of light bounce off the lovingly polished surfaces of the spaceship. Today is Memorial Day. Each of the inhabitants of Gakko once left their home. Everyone has something to remember. We are the ones lost civilizations find in a moment of despair. We are given the best of the best in an effort to preserve the legacy of their civilisations…….

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