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Reviewing the BIGONES in the Market and the Latest in the NFT World!

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0:00 Intro to Bigones.nft
0:49 Daily Crypto Rankings
6:47 Daily Opensea TOP 10
18:47 Randomizer Review
19:47 Randomizer Review – Damien Hirst

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BIGONES.NFT is the BIGGEST Source of NFT News, Reviews & Top Daily Rankings You can Find in the Metaverse! So Stay Tuned & Be the First to Know!

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We aim to present only facts and data in an easy to digest, casual yet exciting format with you, our Viewer, as our highest priority in creating content that keeps you up-to-date with the dynamic nature and industry that is Non-Fungible Tokens, as well as insights and info to Web3, Blockchain & of course Cryptocurrency that all come together to form as we know it –
The Metaverse.

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