FootHulk x Magma NFT

Registration Closes Oct. 3, 2022, 8:11 p.m. UTC

Mint Date Nov. 2, 2022

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Official Link

Verified Twitter FOOTHULK 18,469

Visit Premint


We introduce a new approach to fantasy football by creating value to our loyal customers.

⚽ At FOOTHULK, we have gamified the concept of picking winners in the world of football.

Our top 40 users in the leaderboard, will win $10k every month.

The game is ready now, you can start playing and competing at

The NFT collection will launch early November.

⚽ Holding a FOOTHULK token will give you great advantages in winning the In-House Pot.

⚽ Following our journey in Web 2.0, we saw the potential in shifting towards Web 3.0 and want to take you all on this journey with us. We have been under-promising and over-delivering in Web 2.0 and have added numerous free and useful features to our existing users. That will continue to be the case with our supporters.

⚽ We are coming into the NFT space with a functioning and proven product, as well as an existing number of users and followers. We are not in a hurry to launch different phases and want to make sure we are doing right by our holders and community, when the market is ready for us, we will make our move.

Some of the Utilities are:

⚽ Full access to the platform with advantages to win the monthly pot

⚽ Merchandise

⚽ Staking feature and more will be revealed at a later stage


Supply: 5555

– Phase 1:  | 💎    300 WL spots can mint up to 2 per wallet

– Phase 2: | 🥇    500 WL spots can mint up to 2 per wallet

– Phase 3: | 🥈  2000 WL spots can mint up to 2 per wallet

– Phase 4: | 🥉  3000 WL spots can mint up to 2 per wallet

Each phase will remain open for 24 hours.


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