Ether Signature Pass x AlphaCloud NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 8, 2022, 4 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.055Ξ

Total Supply 555 NFTs

Number of Winners 2 Spots

Official Link ethersignpass.xyz

Visit Premint

The Ether Signature Pass: The Next Generation of NFTs

The world’s first on-chain generated, metadata updating NFTs. Based on your Ethereum wallet address, your Ether Signature Pass NFT will display your wallet’s unique EtherSign Scribble.

When you mint, buy, or recieve an Ether Signature Pass (ESP), your EtherSign Scribble (signature) will be generated on-chain. This Scribble shows ownership of your ESP, and cannot be forged or altered. If you sell or transfer your ESP, a new Scribble will be generated on-chain for the new wallet that owns the ESP. Scribbles will be generated based on wallet’s activity and balance; the more the activity, the deeper the colors.

Why are Ether Signature Passes Unique?

– These will be the first NFTs developed with on-chain generating and metadata updating technology, which change when sold or transferred, making them unique to the owner.

– ESP holders will be a part of an exclusive community, limited to 555 holders.

– ESP holders will have access to the Ether Signature Pass Holder Portal, consisting of 9 in-house developed NFT tools and utilities.

A total of 555 Ether Signature Passes are to be minted.

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