Episode 63: Art Blocks After Dinner Mints w/ Philip Bell

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After Dinner Mints – Episode 63 – 22.10.05
Interview with Philip Bell

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00:44 Philip Bell introduction
02:45 Keith Haring (link below)
04:40 Apparitions by Aaron Penne (link below)
08:01 Early work from Phillip
11:07 Mint #0 of Staccato
12:36 Staccato (link below)
19:11 The meaning of the word Staccato
30:28 Best way to display Staccato
33:56 Some of Philip’s favorite and surprising mints
38:40 Future projects in the works
42:50 Wiliam Mapan & Matt Deslauriers (links below)
48:45 Advice for those learning how to code a project
52:05 How to get in touch

Notable Links:
Website: https://philipbell.art/
Twitter: @philipbell_
Staccato: https://www.artblocks.io/project/351

Keith Haring: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keith_Haring
Apparitions by Aaron Penne: https://www.artblocks.io/project/28
William Mapan: https://linktr.ee/williamapan
Matt Deslauriers ‘Color Wander’: https://github.com/mattdesl/color-wander


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