E4C Rangers NFT

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Official Link ambrus.studio

Verified Twitter AmbrusStudio 36,920

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E4C: Final Salvation

Top mobile app MOBA game

Hottest Rangers NFT collections of in-game avatars with super utilities

Founder→ex-CEO of Asia, Riot Games

We plan to launch the Genesis Rangers NFTs as follows:

7 characters ✖️ 3 editions: each edition consists of 15 Rangers Ultimate+450 Rangers Gold+646 Rangers.

Total: 7,777

The Ultimate edition of the first character, Rin, now has a market floor price of 20Eth!

This is the waiting list of E4C Whitelist (1st character-Rin-Gold & Rangers edition)

We will manually select final winners from the waiting list to win the whitelist. Those who keep active and enter our DC will be more possible to win.

E4C whitelist benefits: 10% off mint price; 24H before public mint; Valid for one character(gold edition+rangers edition)

Ranger Genesis NFT’s benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

In-game IP pidend ownership

Hero and Skin Airdrop

A range of in-game loot, and gift packs for your friends

Exclusive e-sports benefits

About our game:

E4C: Final Salvation is an eSports MOBA game with completely mobile-native and web3-tailored design. We will build a Metaverse ecosystem in a clear roadmap including community, prequel games, cryptocurrency, e-sports and UGC modules.

Check our website to know more: https://www.ambrus.studio/

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/e4c

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