E4C Diamond Hand Badge registration NFT

Total Supply 1,111 NFTs

Official Link ambrus.studio

Verified Twitter AmbrusStudio 37,890

Visit Premint

The Diamond Hand Badge is a reward to the E4C Rangers NFT holders. 

Only people in E4C discord and get the Diamond Hand role can register.

After the registration, the SBT with Diamond Hand design will be distributed to your wallet address.

Know more about SBT and E4C unique badge system, please visit https://medium.com/@AmbrusStudio/ambrus-studio-has-deployed-sbts-to-establish-a-unique-badge-system-2f67bb10f476

Follow us on Twitter: @AmbrusStudio

Join our community: discord.gg/e4c

Check our website to know more: https://www.ambrus.studio/


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