E163 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 026 Valhalla

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Let’s go GameStonk!


RNewton & GNewton NFT Sets:

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GameStop & GME Video Series Episodes:
E163 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 026 Valhalla
E162 iOS GameStop Wallet Release!
E161 Ryan Cohen Interview!
E160 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 025 Cosmic Lightning
E159 Feeling Bearish: GameStop Criticisms, Concerns, & Suggestions
E158 The GameStop Saga – Chapter 2: Layer 2
E157b FTX Meltdown
E157 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 024 Blockchain Worm
E156 “Ask what you can do for your company.”
E155 No precise target, just rambling about GameStop
E154 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 023 Diligence
E153 The GameStop Saga – Chapter 1: NFTs
E152 GME Marketplace Live!
E151 Halloween Forced Buy-In
E150 SEC Rules Proposal Comments
E149 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 022 Cliffside
E148 GameStop Short Interest Going to the Moon?
E147 Trying out LoopExchange
E146 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 021 Perspective
E145 Tuesday GameStop Update! C+70
E144 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 020 Overview
E143 GameStop Update – Waiting for the Next Hype Train
E142 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 019 Original Thought
E141 GameStop Quarter 3 Survey Update & NFT Library Tour
E140 RNewton NFT Collection: Card 018 Seraph

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  1. I’m pretty sure Valhalla is past the moon! Thanks for all you do!


  2. I'm running a Valheim server permanently.
    It's awesome to play with friends 😊


  3. 0x53BE2e8147CB986CdAAfA63697b2fAc39E2b783C very cool! Gonna check out the game🏴‍☠️

  4. 0xDE959Ca4Ab372D45FB948E2B0C474C34831b6116

    I'll end up in Valhalla since I'm from Sweden lol. Or nah, religion is not for me 😀

  5. 0x52E75ae2F31FF2C72b468e7a0c8E7c3e48655c58

    Nice one dude! Thank you as always. Can’t wait for Q3 earnings report!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Rich! Appreciate all the work that you do & free content you produce. Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. Happy thanksgiving rnewton!
    Looking forward to getting the new card!
    Thanks for your work!


  8. Happy Thanksgiving bro. Take care of the fam!

    Love you Mang, take care!


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