Doodles NFT is a BLUE CHIP (Will their owners agree?)

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The Doodles NFT brand made a HUGE splash when they showed up on the scene in Oct 2021. They were considered the same value as other blue chips such as Azuki, Mutants and CloneX but have since lagged behind.

However, their recent announcements of raising VC money, bringing Pharrell Williams on board as a brand officer and their immersive experience at Art Basel with Doodle Putt shows that they are still building!

Doodles 2 to be announced in 2023.


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  1. Correction, after the 6 week gap, they re-announced the 54 million vc raise. It was already announced in June/Julyish. That's why FP pumped hard as shit and than went under FP only a few hours later once the truth circulated. I think they were basically announcing that they had the money in their possession now but did it in a slimey way.

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