Dojo Warriors x UEJJ ALPHA NFT

Registration Closes Aug. 28, 2022, 3:42 a.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.0088Ξ

Total Supply 8,888 NFTs

Number of Winners 200 Spots

Official Link dojowarriors.com

Verified Twitter DojoWarriorsNFT 14,160 1%

Visit Premint

Built for the community, Dojo Warriors is a online 1v1 street fighter-style NFT project that hosts daily/weekly game tournaments for their community to play for:


Hype whitelists

🎁  NFT giveaways

💰  ETH

🥳  Prizes

Dojo Warriors is releasing their Gen2 collection, Menace Warriors and putting the fun back into the NFT space. Battle against your friends by creating your own custom tournament game lobbies up to 32 players!!!  The Game will be playable directly after mint!

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