Doge Skulls | Pre-Sale NFT

Mint Date Sept. 17, 2022 2 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.025Ξ

Total Supply 8,888 NFTs

Number of Winners 5,555 Spots

Official Link dogeskulls.io

Verified Twitter DogeSkulls 71,604

Visit Premint

Doge Skulls is a collection of 8,888 NFTs. Each holder may receive exclusive access to experiences, rewards and more.


– Phase 1: First Collection (8,888 NFTs Doge Skulls will be ready to minted, stay tuned for the free mint & white list notification)

– Phase 2: Other Collections (Launch of other NFT collections, where Doge Skulls holders can receive many benefits)

– Phase 3: Merch (Limited release of DogeSkulls collection apparel for holders of the DogeSkulls collection and new NFT collections)

– Phase 4: Animal Charity (Up to 20% of profits will be donated to charities that protect and care for abandoned or needy animals)

– Phase 5: Metaverse (Metaverse development, which can be within Arcade Land, NFT Worlds, The Otherside or others)

– Phase 6: DogeCash Coin (The purpose of the coin will be to benefit holders and enable transactions in the DogeCash ecosystem)

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