Decentraland Puts all Metaverses on Notice, SDK Manifesto EXPLAINED!!!

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Decentraland made a new manifesto that is changing the standard for the metaverse. Join Will and Iman while they tackle the manifesto.

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00:00:00 – Decentraland’s New Manifesto
00:00:40 – Back Story
00:01:19 – We Predicted It!!!
00:06:45 – What has been Improved?
00:06:49 – Usability
00:07:16 – Establishing Standards
00:08:44 – Easier Multiplayer Experience
00:09:51 – Game Servers out of the box
00:10:19 – Paving the way for Decentraland Editors
00:11:29 – New Documentation Platform
00:12:55 – Performance is Everything
00:13:37 – New Communication Technologies
00:14:26 – Standardized Protocols
00:16:53 – Welcoming New Branches
00:17:30 – THE ROADMAP
00:18:05 – Q3 2023
00:18:35 – It’s Coming Together

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  1. You fellas have been putting in great work for a good time. You deserve those flowers indeed keep thinking foward most definitely 💻🍾

  2. I have listened to many of your videos, but this your subject – it completely levelled you up. Dudes, on total fire. No more maus parties 🥹

  3. You guys read the metaverse book that reciently came out? Now is the time to make big moves in regards to the metaverse!

  4. I am hoping the new builder will be like dreams but I don’t know how the code aspect would work with a in game code editor

  5. Sounds like Will is loving SDK7! XD

    SDK7 will make or break for Decentraland. So transformative that we are now on Decentraland v1.0, and v2.0 is coming!

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