Cryptowalkers Females NFT

Registration Closes Dec. 1, 2022, 5 p.m.

Mint Date Dec. 6, 2022

Total Supply 6,545 NFTs

Official Link

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Welcome Walker family!

The long awaited launch of our Cryptowalkers: Females collection is upon us and we can’t wait to get them out among our community.

The Presale will be on December 6th! (exactly time TBA)

December 6th marks exactly 1 year since we minted our genesis collection and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our launchversary.

Over the next weeks as the Cryptowalkers: Females launch gets closer, we’ll be doing events, Discord AMAs and Spaces and just releasing a ton of information about the mint.

Here are a few FAQs (but feel free to reach out to us on Discord and Twitter with any questions): 

Do I need a Walker NFT to enter the allow list? Yes, you will need either an NFT from the Genesis collection or from the CW Weapons collection to be eligible. 

NOTE: We do have a separate Partner NFTs Premint page, where you can register if you own one of our partner NFTs.

What will registering to this allow list get me? Everyone holding one of our NFTs and being able to register to this Presale list, will have the possibility to mint up to 3 Cryptowalkers: Females NFTs per wallet. If you have a Zombie Discord role, you’ll be able to mint 4 and if you have a Mutant Discord role, you can mint 5.

NOTE: Registering for a spot on the allow list does not guarantee being able to mint on launch day as the Presale list will be oversubscribed.

How do I know if I’m selected? The allow list will be oversubscribed, but there’s still a limited number of spots. If you’re able to register your wallet on this Premint page, then your wallet will be added to the Cryptowalkers: Female collection allow list and you will have access to mint on launch day.

What does “oversubscribed allow list” mean for me? This means that on launch day there will be more people with access to the mint than there are Walkers to mint. In other words it’ll be first come, first serve as to who mints.

How do I claim my free Cryptowalkers: Females NFTs? For every 3 Walkers from our genesis collection in your wallet (must be in the same wallet), you’ll be able to claim a free NFT from the Cryptowalkers: Females collection. You’ll be able to claim the free NFT(s) after the presale and public sale is over.

Will there be a public sale? Yes, there will be a public sale. However, it might very well be possible that the Cryptowalkers: Females collection sells out during the presale in which case there will not be a public sale.

Mint price:

To be determined


Opensea – Genesis collection:

Opensea – CW Weapons collection:


(If you received allow list access from winning a raffle, you’ve given your wallet will to us directly and it will be added apart from Premint, so you don’t need to do anything else)

NOTE: Your wallet must hold a Walker from our genesis collection or a weapon from our CW Weapons collection to be eligible. Registering for a spot on the allow list does not guarantee being able to mint on launch day.

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