Cryptotes x Ten1sion NFT

Total Supply 8,888 NFTs

Number of Winners 5 Spots

Raffle Time Nov. 12, 2022, 4:59 a.m.

Official Link

Visit Premint

Cryptotes is an 8,888 collection aiming to onboard brands into web3 and directly into an exclusive relationship within our ecosystem. We not only want to onboard these companies into web3, but strive to empower our community in their pursuits of building their own brands. Cryptotes seeks to bring holders the ability to not just be able to create and earn, but also spend and receive access to curated content both physical and digital.

We believe web3 can amplify the efforts of different industries and those who seek to start their own. More details will be announced soon. In addition to this, we have an interesting storytelling method of delivering our content and aim to have a strong community revolving around the Cryptote universe and brand.

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