Mint Date Sept. 16, 2022

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Creepy World is A 02 Volume Satire NFT Collection of Creepy Costumes trying to survive their sh*tty ass job. The VOL. 0 is a FREE MINT with 2420 NFTs that will be creepily entering the Web3 Space in late August, while our Vol. 1 and a PAID MINT will be creepily entering the Web3 Space in late September.

The collection is presented by Larry, a character performer who is not exactly happy about his own life, especially due to his exhausting work at the theme park — the (bankrupt) Creepy World. It is inspired by 90’s cartoons and is essentially a satire on Amusement parksand the duality between the Magic and happiness they sell or propose by its facade and what really stands behind the curtains. Comically designed with traces of acid humor, it all started after a talk between myself and our artist, about Summer Jobs in theme parks.

VOL. 0 (our genesis) it’s based on Larry, his life and his relation with his Boss, while our VOL. 1 it’s based on Larry’s relation with each other character at Creepy World. We will be enriching all our storytelling by exploring an amusement park and all those who participate in it, heavily integrating in our lore new characters, new traits and new PFPs, still using the satire as the main foundation, and having Larry as the main voice and also the iconic Creepy Costume that he is.

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