CIVITAS – Ninşiku the Shaman #333 Raffle NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 26, 2022, 9:59 p.m. UTC

Total Supply 4,400 NFTs

Raffle Time Sept. 27, 2022, 10 a.m. UTC

Official Link

Verified Twitter playcivitas 101,019 1%

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Character raffle – Ninşiku the Shaman

Follow CIVITAS on Twitter and join the CIVITAS Discord for a chance to win Ninşiku the Shaman #333, part of the “Chosen of CIVITAS” characters collection. One winner will be randomly chosen on September 27th. This raffle is open to anyone, and Ninşiku the Shaman #333 will be airdropped to the wallet that wins. There is a wallet balance limitation in place to further discourage bots.


CIVITAS is an upcoming community-driven 4X strategy MMO coming 2023

.  Inspired by great world-building and economy-based games like Civilization and Eve Online, Civitas respectfully aims to add an entirely new dimension to this genre by introducing web3 gaming mechanics, player owned subDAO governance.

More information can be found in the



Ninşiku the Shaman #333

Originating from one of the earliest civilizations in the fertile crescent, south of Mesopotamia.

He has been trained in both the holistic and mystic arts of his ancestry. He only speaks when chanting a spell or making an offering to the many forgotten gods he worships.

Ninşiku the Shaman is one of the

Chosen of CIVITAS

The Chosen of CIVITAS

The Chosen start their lives as a uniquely designed and meticulously sculpted 3D model by our team of world-class artists. They are heroes that have been magically selected across space and time, with their own backstory and unique gameplay blessings, get early game access, periodical airdrops, and other exclusive rewards

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