Caveman x Coniun NFT

Mint Date Oct. 5, 2022 2 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Number of Winners 40 Spots

Raffle Time Oct. 2, 2022, 4 p.m. UTC

Official Link

Visit Premint

ꂵꏂꋬ꓄! ꂵꏂꋬ꓄!

꒻ꄲ꒐ꋊ ꄲ꒤ꋪ ꉔꋬ꒦ꏂꂵꋬꋊ ꋬ꒯꒦ꏂꋊ꓄꒤ꋪꏂ!

꓄ꁝꏂꋪꏂ ꋬꋪꏂ ꓄ꋪꏂꋬꇙ꒤ꋪꏂ ꒐ꋊ ꓄ꁝꏂ ꅐꏂꃳꇙ꒐꓄ꏂ. ꁝ꒤ꋊ꓄ ꒐꓄!

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