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Verified is a podcast that will not shamelessly shill but research projects, and discuss how they can be very beneficial. We will sit down and talk with other NFT founders and projects to begin building a brighter, transparent future with the community and Web – 3 combined.

The creators of this podcast are the founders of ULABSx LLC. a blockchain innovating technology company. ULABSx specializes in developing experiential NFTs and digital collectibles, that sets the stage for immersive experiences as well as specializes in the fields of cryptocurrency and digital media. ULABSx is trying to change the world of web3 for the better by using neuroscience, education, and community to do just that.

More about the creator:
Charles NFT Hutchinson AKA King Charles Digital Artist, NFT creator, Neuroscientist, and College professor who is following his passions.

Go to today to see our very own projects!

I just want to give back to this space by protecting it and serving as an ambassador to WEB3.
I have been in the crypto space for 6 years and the NFT space for going on 3 years. I have made a lot of great decisions and some bad ones. Let me help lead you in the right direction


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