BopoVerse™ x Cxmbo – WL spots NFT

Mint Date Sept. 8, 2022 3 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.2Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Number of Winners 77 Spots

Raffle Time Sept. 7, 2022, 4 p.m. UTC

Official Link bopoverse.com

Visit Premint


Due to the rising demand and increasing pressure for more WL, we are happy to announce that we are opening only 77 more spots for a limited time to @Cxmbo community members.

Bopoverse™ 1st collection BPVw:  7,777 Empowering NFTs.

Bopoverse is a revolutionary web3 entertainment brand and community centered around social impact and various great utilities. Holding our NFT art is a status symbol, and its mission is to spread body positivity, self-love, and empowerment through a variety of NFT cultural assets to millions worldwide.

🪙 Groundbreaking Cultural Utilities:

1st edition of BopoVerse™ comic book

featuring BPVw NFTs collaborations with worldwide renowned comics artists.

Develop an Online Series

featuring BPVw NFTs.

1st NFT music with a leading producer

will be launched only to our holders.








💰 Profit Model:

➡️ We will create digital cultural assets from BPVw NFTs.

➡️ Then, we will sell merchandise with BPVw NFTs in BopoVerse™ marketplace.

➡️ Your NFT merchandise sold? Great! We will share the profits with you! 🤑

💰 You will earn instant profit commissions automatically through our blockchain system.

⚠️*We manufacture, sell, ship, and handle everything. You just have to count the profits.

💳Get access to BopoVerse™ CLUB utilities:

Exclusive future NFTs launches

to our BPVw holders only.

Exclusive entry to physical and digital events

, conferences, and parties, where you will find elite entrepreneurs worldwide, celebrities, and people who believe in our shared vision.

Donate 5% of our mint revenues

to charities based on community voting.

Donate 5% of our annual royalties income

to charities. NFT holders can change ppl lives and make a huge impact by donating money every year, making the world a better place.

Token launch $BPV

that will be available inside BopoVerse™ CLUB, collect it on our gaming arena and use the token inside our marketplace.

Exclusive entering our digital land

on Decentralend/ Sandbox/ Roblox depends on community voting.

Join our community and let’s empower the world together!

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