Bone Fnatics NFT

Mint Price 0.0077Ξ

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Number of Winners 2,000 Spots

Official Link

Visit Premint

Bone Fnatics is a collection that represents a religion of undead bone fanatics invading the whole world. While the professor and assistant were exploring a pyramid in South America, they found artifacts from even before the Aztec civilization. While the professor hoped to conserve it as a historical asset, Rebecca, the assistant, awakened the sleeping fanatics. Onwards, bone fanatics have invaded the real world. Anyone who encounters a bone fanatic is captivated to become one itself.


 Bone map 
Phase 1
Conduct DAO and project collaboration to build an active and engaging Twitter and Discord community.
Launch Bone Fnatics Main Website.
Reveal different types of traits and minting details.
Launch Bone Fnatics WL Exclusive Collection Mint.
Secondary Market Listing: where you can buy and sell your PFPs.

Phase 2
Discord Holder Verification System: This is to make a DAO community with Alpha Access.
Daily TLDR news regarding Aptos NFTs and upcoming projects.
A channel for Bone DAO to stay keen on crypto activity and markets.

Phase 3
Airdrop the $BONE token(erc-1155)
Launch $BONE staking website.
Staking and distribution of $BONE tokens to holders.
Profit funds commited to holders.
Open Bone Marketplace and proceed 1/1 Collection Auction (via $BONE tokens)
WL/NFT Raffle Giveaways (via $BONE tokens) for holders NFT partnerships and collaborations with blue chip projects.
Switch to a new collection through tokens (NFTs in the switched collections will get more tokens)
Special potion airdrop for holders in switched collection To be continued…


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