Bearfriends x The Tiger Archives by PMC NFT

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Number of Winners 7 Spots

Official Link

Visit Premint

What is bear building: A lightweight F2E Game
How many bears we have: 7777
When will the bear born: TBA
How much is a bear: WL = Free mint, Public TBD

BearFriends is a free-to-play and real-time combat game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players are invited to explore a rich and perse adventure where they will defeat enemies and compete against other players. It also combines social and game with a landmark Innovation of token economics named F2E (Fight to earn).


Team Info:
Over 200 employees around the world to build the entire project and game, employees mainly based in London and Asia.
Over 10 years game designing and developing experience, participated in various masterpiece works such as Pubg ( The fourth highest-grossing mobile game), Call of Duty ( a first-person shooter video game franchise), Diablo (sold over 2.5 million units by mid-2001)..
Multi-chain projects developing experiences including DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and etc.
Strong marketing resources in NFT and Gamefi spaces.
A tight connection with Tier 1 VC & PE, such as dragonfly venture, LD capital, IOSG venture and etc.



Website: The bear is building it! Stay tuned!!

Bearfriends x The Tiger Archives by PMC NFT

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