Balance Pass NFT

Mint Date Sept. 1, 2022 6 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 350 NFTs

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Official Link

Verified Twitter Balance_Capital 19,510

Visit Premint

Introducing Free Balance Alpha Passes


is pleased to introduce 350 Alpha NFT Passes for the crypto community – allowing special access and perks to our products and services. For Free.

These NFTs are scarce, unique, and offer tremendous value to their holders.

Balance Pass NFT

Key Benefits to Alpha NFT Holders

There are many. We will look to implement perks for our pass holders for each of our products that Balance Capital produces. In addition, we will also allow our partners to offer exclusive perks to our pass holders where they see fit.

is the most innovative NFT lending and borrowing platform, built by the Balance team. By holding Balance Alpha NFTs, investors can save on Transactions and systems fees . These perks (first of many more to come) are broken down below:

  • Platinum NFT Passes – 0.0% Fees on using Liqdnft platform
  • Gold NFT Passes – 50% off fees on using Liqdnft platform
  • Genesis NFT Passes – 25% off fees on using Liqdnft platform

Balance Pass NFT

Additionally, each NFT pass will also serve as a membership ticket to one of our Alpha Discord channels enabling the members to apply for early-access/ whitelist or pre-mint spots for the upcoming crypto projects. Through our strategic partnerships with Alpha groups (announcing soon), will bring Alpha, exposure, and other valuable information to the holders of Balance NFT passes.

This is the start of the journey with more utility to be announced in coming weeks as the balance ecosystem grows…

For the Balance ecosystem, the passes will also open doors for more collaboration, and industry-wide exposure.

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