Avatizer x SuperNormal NFT

Registration Closes Oct. 8, 2022, 8:30 a.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Number of Winners 2 Spots

Raffle Time Oct. 11, 2022, 8:30 a.m. UTC

Official Link avatizer.art

Verified Twitter Avatizer_NFT 36,991

Visit Premint

EXCLUSIVE Raffle: ONLY for the SuperNormal community

Get New Dynamic 100% On-Chain Algorithmic Art Every Day!

Avatizer is a unique generative art project with a limited supply (only 999!). Each day you get a new PFP image generated by the smart contracts that runs completely autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain. No servers, no external scripts or links, no pre-made images!

The initial sketch was designed by the famous German artist working with the top brands worldwide, Andreas Preis. The rest is done by the algorithm (smart contract): you can pause the live generation at any time and keep your unique on-chain PFP-art, or resume visual transformations when desired.

🤩 FREE MINT generative art project!

✅ 100% on-chain, no external servers & scripts involved.

🤫 The odds of generating the same face twice is a statistical impossibility!

👀 The generation process can be stopped at any moment if you’re satisfied with your avatizer.

🙋‍♂️ Fully-doxxed founder & artist: Roman Kropachek and Andreas Preis .


Q: Is the release date known?

A: We’re expecting to release the collection sometime around the middle of October. Still, this may change.

Q: How much will an Avatizer cost to mint?

A: Outside of gas fees, this collection will be 100% FREE to mint, except the initial sketch.

Q: How will the spots be distributed?

A: They can be minted by holders from premium communities and the participants of the ongoing raffle. More opportunities to mint will be provided on our Twitter and Discord, stay tuned!

Q: How big is the collection?

A: There are 999 NFTs in total – 998 changing tokens and one initial sketch.

Q: Tokens per wallet?

A: Only one. We’d like to distribute our art as widely as possibly.

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