Art Gobblers, Coinbase Savings, Chicken Bonds, JPMorgan in DeFi, Instagram NFTs

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Investors Plow $28M Into LUSD Chicken Bonds
Coinbase’s 1.5% APY is Half the Savings Rate Offered by Banks
Art Gobblers Spikes to 5,000 ETH in Volume as NFT Collectors Pile In
JPMorgan Dives into DeFi After CEO Trashed Crypto as ‘Ponzi’
Polygon Scores Deal with Instagram to Support NFT Creators

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  1. Um eee um eee ‘‘em um eeem uuu eeem mmm umm eeeeeemmmm um ‘em eee uuuu ‘em uuum eeem what is she saying Holly shit lady learn to speak

  2. the way this show is presented (ad-hoc), without the charisma of a presenter…is a big change to how robin does it. The guy who is scrolling the page while someone else is talking, is a big distraction. Overall show has become novice-like. You will lose audience as a result

  3. I tried listening but the conversation here is so dull and boring. Saying "eh" "um" every other word was grating.

  4. So banks tested using polygon, if they like it they will create their own chain.
    I am sad for all token holders that don’t understand how their token is useless.
    If you understand how the token price of every project is based on hype and not in use, you will awake from the crypto dream.
    So many people thinking their coin will be scarce, what a surprise they will get. When blockchain becomes mainstream.

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