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🍦Web3 Sweeping the Talent

🍦Gamestop Increases Its Marketplace to Include Immutable X
00:00 Intro
00:57 Market Update
04:22 CZ & Elon Tag Team
11:38 Web3 Talent Migration
16:32 Gamestop latest NFT move
20:22 NFT Scoop’s Weekly Winner
22:10 The REKT Section
27:09 Art Gobblers NFT Launch
34:15 Hot Upcoming NFT Project
37:04 NFT Paris
39:53: Outro
One collection has certainly stolen the show this week & that is Art Gobblers. Boasting just over 8000 ETH traded. Excitement is in the air across NFT Twitter as volatility & pumps meet us once again.

It was always hard to see how the same old PFP collections were going to make noise in this market, innovation was always needed to create energy and excitement. If you weren’t lucky enough to have minted Art Gobblers then don’t fear. Change & innovation is needed to kick-start new market trends, we cover Art Gobblers further below.

Given the rise in the dollar price of Ethereum, the NFT blue-chip index is certainly started to trend upwards over the last week when looking at it in $ value. Ultimately if you value your NFTs & Crypto assets in dollars then this is positive momentum, If you are more interested in stacking ETH then it is best to sell when the ETH price of NFTs rips higher. As always when Ethereum pumps in $ price you can expect the Floor price in ETH to drop as traders seek to take profit.

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