Art Basel 2022 featuring RTFKT, The Hundreds, Doodles, Fewocious, NFT Now, Cryptokicks iRL and MORE!

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Join Sir Snapback as he flies to Miami for a 4-day epic Art Basel Adventure! On Day 1 we start the party with an amazing event, brought to you by Adam Bomb Squad, Dead Fellaz, and Coinbase , a night full of ice skating, bowling, and dancing. Day 2 is ALL about the NEW RTFKT Crypto Kicks iRL Self-lacing sneakers. We ‘re lucky enough to physically get our hands on a pair and share ALL the Alpha on this upcoming release. We also hit up all the other shops at the Gateway/NFT Now including, Faze Clan, Moonpay, Porsche, MetaMask and Instagram. Day 3 is all about RTFKT, the family, and the future. We get interviews with ClegFX and Zaptio as well as hang out with the entire Clonex fam. Afterwards we drop in on a speaking panel on the future of fashion, hosted by Farokh, ClegFX, and Zaptio. We then head to the Rimowa Design District to talk with the team about the recent RTFKT X Rimowa collaboration and then attend the after party at SoHo Beach House, where Helado Negro performs. Finaly, on Day 4 we attend the Doodle Putt event, interview Poopie, the founder of Doodles, do some miniature golfing, and then hit up a fun-filled FEWOCiOUS paint party. L We make our final visit at the RTFKT popup to be the first to look at, review, and get our hands on samples of the RTFKT SZN 1 Forging clothing line. This is an episode for the ages that you don’t want to miss, especially if you love sneakers, fashion, or are interested in Web 3.

0:00 – Intro
1:05 Day 1: Arriving in Miama & Dinner w/ RTFKT Fam
3:45 Adam Bomb x Dead Fellaz X Coin Base Better Together Party
5:10 Day 2: RTFKT Popup & Hands on w/ IRL Crypto Kicks **FULL REVIEW & AlPHA** & Breakdown
11:05 Exploring the Gateway/NFT Now
13:00 Day 3: RTFKT Family Day & Interview w/ the founders
15:36 Speaking Panel n- Merging Worlds: Fashion Lore and Empowering Creators w/ Farokh, Zaptio, & ClegFX
19:35 Go to Checking out the Dopamine Event at Art Basel and Wynwood
20:12 Rimowa Design Center Pre-party and Speaker Panel w/ ClegFX, Zaptio, & Mathieu Plenier
24:18 Rimowa X RTFKT Afterparty at SoHo Beach House w/ Helado Negro performance
25:32 Day 4: Doodle Putt Event Overview including interview w/ Poopie & Merch Overview featuring Zwistillus, Jasti, & Cory Van Lew
31:07 Fewo World Paint Paint Party Fashion Factory w/ FEWOCiOUS
33:44 Clonex Show for SZN 1 Forging Clothing Samples Review
36:15 Doodle Putt Golfing
37:29 Outro


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  1. Thanks for putting this together for the fam couldn't make it out to Miami! And for those of us who where there its always a blast to revisit 💜

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