Armin's All Access NFT

Mint Date Dec. 13, 2022 6 p.m. UTC

Raffle Time Dec. 12, 2022, 2 p.m.

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Armin’s All-Access is a Web3-based community for fans of Armin van Buuren. The digital art is created by Dutch designer Rik Oostenbroek and available in a total of ten eye-popping variations. In addition to the eight main color variations, there are two special editions of exceeding rarity, each of which grants a special bonus perk on top of the AAA community access and perks.

* A private space for AAA-holders within Armin van Buuren’s existing Discord server
* Exclusive Armin van Buuren-related content, such as previews of unreleased tracks and audio recordings of never-shared-before live sets
* Exclusive livestreams of Armin van Buuren studio sessions
* Frequent AMAs by Armin van Buuren within the private, AAA-community-only space of Armin van Buuren’s Discord server
* Exclusive meditation session (created and soundtracked by Armin van Buuren)

* Exclusive meetup events with AAA-holders in Armada Music’s offices in Amsterdam, New York and London
* Giveaways for visiting the radio studio and meeting Armin van Buuren as he records his A State of Trance radio show
* Ticket giveaway for the sold-out A State of Trance Festival in Utrecht
* Exclusive, heavily discounted Armin van Buuren merchandise, solely available for AAA-holders
* Exclusive giveaways of personal collectors’ items, worn or used by Armin van Buuren (e.g. jackets and headphones)

* A mind-blowing piece of digital art designed by Rik Oostenbroek
* High-quality downloads for prints and screensavers designed by Rik Oostenbroek
* AMA with Rik Oostenbroek

* The additional Web3 utilities include discount codes and future collaborations with special brands, early access to future drops and exclusive airdrops

For more information, please visit the AAA Website
If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet, please check this website for instructions: MetaMask

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