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Project Arcana is your personalized gaming passport and digital identity.

We celebrate your achievements, empower you to turn gaming records into values and rewards that works for you. Our long-term build, (A.C.E) – Arcana Credentialing Engine, is designed with gamers at heart & will be accessible for all.

How it works

– Gamers’ statistics are extracted from games and platforms(e.g. Steam, Epic Games, Origins) using proprietary partnered software.

– The data is subsequently aggregated to meaningful metrics which reflect experience and skill, thereafter turning into badges of honors which holders can mint as soul bound tokens.

– At the end of it all, gamers with an Arcana NFT can showcase their badges with unique visual upgrades on their Digital Gamer identity.

Why Arcana

Handled effectively, the future of blockchain and gaming holds a covenant of democratized asset ownership, value preservation, liberated co-creation, protracted cross-game compatibility, and more. The advent of new gaming is near, are you with us?

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