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” In a sea of sorrow, be a ripple of joy. “

In a world bombarded with so much negativity, Owange aims to be that ripple of positivity. Created by our artist, Kong Andri , the word Owange was actually inspired by his son who loved the color Orange but would always cutely pronounce it ‘ Owange ’.

As an IP brand created initially to fundraise for the 2011 Tohoku Tsunami victims, Owange has since then grown into a household name in the toy and figurine field. After their first ever toy exhibition event, their sales skyrocketed and their products were always sold out. Ten plus years in the making, Owange has since then collaborated with amazing brands, such as Looney Tunes and Tencent ; and is planning on doing more upcoming partnerships with world-class retailers, studios, platforms and IP brands in the future.

With the success that it’s gained in the Web2 world, Kong Andri and his team of co-founders are now entering the world of Web3 to grow Owange into a safe space for people to go back to, to build meaningful friendships and grow themselves into a better version of themselves.

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