Angels & Demons By TOMAAS NFT Artwork

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Angels & Demons By TOMAAS
Music By Charlie Nguyen Kim

The Galerie d’Appolon within the Louvre, famous for it’s high vaulted ceilings with painted decorations has been the inspiration to create the NFT artwork „Angels & Demons“. The idea was to harness digital technology in the search for the sublime, creating an ethereal, romantic and emotive art piece by mixing layers of the ceiling with the model.
The result is a surreal artwork with a painterly quality.

By combining music with the art piece I felt we could expand the storytelling potential and create a deeper emotional response. Connecting the two is not only a celebration of the arts but also intensifies our understanding of the visual.

Music has always played a major role in my editing process as I often immerse myself into electronic music with lots of layers that influences the overall direction I take.These often create visual ideas that help me to explore new forms, shapes and colours.

For this art piece I had the pleasure to collaborate with Charlie Nguyen Kim who is a French Award-winning composer, based in New York. In 2020,Charlie had been nominated at the Cannes Film Festival among the 40 best composers in the world. He has worked with celebrated directors like Luc Besson (director & producer of Lucy, Taken) and developed a unique perspective on how images and sound come together. Combining an American and French touch, mixing the electronic with the orchestral.

When Charlie send me the completed piece, it struck me immediately. There is a nostalgic cinematic vibe to the score. It’s calm, a bit melancholic and the voice creates an intriguing journey into ancient times. The result is a gracious interplay between the fluid animation and the music.


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