Anarcade x Artamei NFT

Registration Closes Dec. 7, 2022, 8:23 p.m.

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Raffle Time Dec. 7, 2022, 8:23 p.m.

Official Link

Visit Premint



Anarcade is a Web 3 integrated mini games & casino platform dedicated to crypto heads, gamers, gamblers, and degens. 
The platform BETA version is built on a combination of web 2 & web 3 technology for optimum user safety & has a variety of mini-games such as BlackJack, Coin Flip & Raffles.

The projects mission is to provide NFT & Crypto users an alternative gaming and online gambling experience and to create a hub for Web 3 projects to host peer to peer tournaments and competitions.  

We are building a great community to be part of a revenue sharing and fully operational Arcade platform.


In celebration of the BETA launch, soon you will have the opportunity to become a Degen & part of the success of the platform.

To Secure your whitelist spot complete the following:


– Percentage of profits from the platform will be reinvested back into the project for platform rewards 
– 50% of secondary royalties will go back to supporting the project
– 777 random players to sign up and deposit will win a Bonus in credits.
– Exclusive access into VIP tournaments
– First access to all future drops
– Commission on affiliates that sign up to the platform.

Remember ONLY Degens are guaranteed WL.. 
Free mints are for degens not motherfuckers, please support our platform.


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